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Hi-Coupler is a one-touch connector used for air and gas pipes,
air tools, and hose connections.
  • Features
  • 1) Socket and Plug are convenient and easy to use with different kinds of threads and hoses. The 25 type, 35 type, 300 type, 450 type, 500 type,
         900 type and other specifications are available upon request.
  • 2) Two kinds of types (the 25 type for OX use and 25 type for CO₂use, the 900 type for OX use and 900 type for CO₂use) are
         not interchangeable with each other. This helps prevent gas accidents caused by wrong connections.
  • 3) Since an automatic shut off valve is built in the socket, there is no need to lock the main valve when disconnecting a hose.
  • 4) A wide variety of products and specifications are available, depending on the purpose of use and place of use.
  • 5) Abrasion resistance and durability are excellent with improved strength.
  • 6) Different colors are used for each gas, helping to create improvements in visual safety.