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  • Features
  • 1) When a flashback occurs, the flame enters the portion of the honeycomb monolith and the temperature of the flame goes down below the
         point of combustion, thereby leading to flame extinction. During the flashback, the check-valve blocks backflow of explosion pressure to prevent
         the failure of other gas appliances from high-pressure backflow.
  • 2) A variety of shapes and specifications are available in accordance with piping system requirements.
  • Torch Flashback Arrestor
  • Torch Flashback Arrestor
  • Piping Flashback Arrestor
  • Piping Flashback Arrestor
  • Causes of Flashback
  • 1) Combustible pipes and hoses mixed with air or oxygen can form an explosive atmosphere.
  • 2) Over-supply of oxygen and a serious failure of pressure regulators.
  • 3) Torch's poor performance and Torch clogged with foreign matter.